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About William

William Long was born in 1987. He grew up in Hertford, UK, and has a BA in filmmaking from the University of the Arts London.

He works full time as a film editor and has edited four feature films (Fanged Up, United Nation, Before Nikkah, and The Good Wife) as well as a whole host of branded content, music videos, short films, and television.

His debut novel, Unholy Gods was published in 2022 by Severed Press and is a mysterious horror story about a marine biologist investigating an unknown sea creature on a remote Scottish island.

He also has a short story published in The Art Of Stefan Koidl, which pairs Koidl’s spooky artwork, with some truly creepy short stories, and has published a feature article on film postproduction in The Digital Video Book for Future PLC.

In 2020 William launched Long Games, an online tabletop games company that specialises in designing and selling fun, story-driven games.

He has played the guitar since he was five years old (because his parents wouldn’t let him have a Gameboy) and loves old hymns, which has led him to publish two non-fiction books (Hymns of Note, and Hymns of Note: Rejoice) that look at the stories behind some famous (and some unusual) hymns. He was then commissioned by Premier Christianity to write a feature article that looks at the origin of Christmas carols.

He currently lives in Hertfordshire with his wife Agnes, and two Khaki Campbell ducks called Chester and Marjory.